Are you frustrated that your sales team is not living 

up to their potential?   

As a manager, do you struggle with finding new ways to keep your team 

trained and motivated?


Well, you are not alone. We at Southwestern ConsultingTM have been speaking with sales managers all across the country and are constantly being told they are frustrated that they cannot get their sales teams to perform at the necessary activity levels in order to meet their sales goals. Does this sound familiar? 



We have an interesting solution that has worked for thousands of sales managers and it's now availalbe to you as part of our Success Starts Now!TM sales training conference series.

We have distilled the most important factors of recruiting, hiring, training, motivating, coaching, and firing sales people down into a 1/2 day training conference customized for sales management in today's changing market. For the last ten years, the staff at Southwestern ConsultingTM has had the great fortune to travel and conduct thousands of sessions for sales managers to share and teach specific ideas on how to find new quality salespeople and keep the ones you have motivated and performing at peak performance levels. 


Keeping a sales team tuned up and motivated for peak performance has got to be one of the most difficult tasks a manager faces each day. We will show you how to use critical tools like CSFs, contests, incentives and performance reviews to keep your team with you for the long-run and doing the best possible job they can for you and your company.


By combining experiences we have incurred in our own company with the experience we have gained from our client companies, we have developed a program like no other.


We guarantee that you and your management team will walk away from this program with specific action ideas, strategies and techniques for finding and keeping top performing sales people for years to come. 


Please Contact Us to register for one of our upcoming 

Managing For Sales Results seminars in an area near you.